Anonymous whispered: How do you choose which requests to draw?

Usually the ones that stand out to me. I get so many just asking for something smutty or just asking for a pairing without going into detail of what they want and that’s just no fun.

Though if I get a lot of one specific request, like a lot of people asking for Swarto for example, then I’ll do a swarto one. If that makes sense. 

also if you’re my friend or someone I admire then you get a free pass to use me as a drawing puppet but I think most of them already know that 

July  30 5
I wonder if the Youtube Gang Au has initiations 

I wonder if the Youtube Gang Au has initiations 

July  30 120

6 Selfies Tag or the oh here’s six pictures of sharky you didn’t anticipate

Tagged by the sweetie ijustloveyoutubers 

I tag:



And Ruth 

(oh course, only if y’all want to dears <3)

July  30 27
Color practice and an excuse to draw these two dorks again

Color practice and an excuse to draw these two dorks again

July  30 9
Anonymous whispered: *whispers* so...hey...have you thought about writing a mafia AU...?


I believe that bcshark and her folks are working on a gang AU at the moment? Take a gander on over there and ask her to confirm, but I’ve seen exciting pictures of it and I want to read it super bad, so I hope she is.

Dude the Youtube Gang AU (x) is all Shaina’s, she came up with the idea, draws for it and is currently writing the first chapter.

I’m just along for the ride and draw it a lot ‘cause she’s a sweetie and told me about it when she was coming up with it and I love it so. :) 

Anonymous whispered: Hey just wanted to say that I am proud of you. You made it through another day. You are beautiful and wonderful. Thanks for being in this world. You make it a better place :)

Oh you sweet precious angel, thank you for your kind words. xx

July  30 9
who-are-you-anyway-sir whispered: In Hannah's latest video she got her book and was very excited and we all think swike was recording. could you draw swike hugging excited Hannah? Swarto


July  30 126
Anonymous whispered: You're friends with hartbigguyz right? You see the picture of her and fictionator? You should draw the two of them together again.


Yes, I’m friends with Jess. :)  Japril all the way 

July  29 15
Anonymous whispered: WOOHOO WE ARE GETTING ART!! I need som Hartbig in my life and you're my favorite artist by far, on tumblr and off. Can I request a cutesy Hannah on her tippy toes kissing Grace on the cheek please? Thanks!


Your excitement is adorable, thank you <3

July  29 216
Anonymous whispered: Are you alive? We miss you!

Inpromptu road trip to help take care of a six month old at a place with limited wifi has slowed down my tumblr for a bit

Let me rest up tonight, expect art tomorrow dear :) 

July  28 17
Some Ellison for April

Some Ellison for April

July  25 172
Anonymous whispered: Hey first of all I love your art, hope you're well. Also I know its a bit cheeky to ask for requests, but if you're up for it can you draw a Mace drawing. Like Grace asleep against Mamries shoulder as Mamrie rests her head on Grace, like they're sitting next to eachother on a flight back from a heyusa? thanks! :)


Not cheeky at all, I take requests a lot dear. :)

July  25 73
Sighs dreamily about OneMillionGoldStars&#8217;s Mermaid Au (x)

Sighs dreamily about OneMillionGoldStars’s Mermaid Au (x)

July  24 130
My happy little pill, take me away (x)

My happy little pill, take me away (x)

July  23 130
I like to think that Youtube Gang AU Mace shares and swaps clothes a lot. 

I like to think that Youtube Gang AU Mace shares and swaps clothes a lot. 

July  23 94